Flip Flop Potholders

I’m so excited about closing on the new house tomorrow, I’m having a hard time keeping my mind on my work.  I knew working on a streaming piece of out of the question, so it seemed the perfect time to start on the Flip Flop Potholders.

  I got the fabric a few months ago in Brattleboro VT.  Jon and I were walking downtown when I saw a  store front  window with a bunch of  plastic wind-up, waving, Queen Elizabeth dolls complete with handbag, matching shoes, and pearls.  I wanted to buy one for Jon (he’s a big fan of the Queen)  but the woman behind the counter told us they were selling so many they weren’t ordering anymore and the ones in the window weren’t for sale.  We didn’t quite understand, but looked around the shop to see what else they weren’t selling, thinking it might be for sale.

That’s when I found the cantaloupe orange sundress with the flip flops on it, on a used clothing rack.  I passed it up the first time I looked at it because it was $12 and I was in my thrift store head.  But I circled back telling myself not to think small.   I got it and a handmade card that said “You are a Miracle” for Jon.  (not as good a the waving Queen, but at least they would sell it to me).

Between the heat and my mind being 20 minutes away at the new house, I kept thinking of sherbert and the flip flop dress.  I knew what I had to do.  Lime green, hot pink, hospital blue and lemon yellow, two sherbert colored bandanas that Izzy and Lenore came home wearing from the groomers, and a couple of other pieces of fabric from my scrap basket.

I just kept thinking  of sherbert (cherry, lemon, lime, mango, blue gelato, rainbow) and those plastic patio dishes that people use for cook-outs.  Summer colors, hot and cool at the same time.  Despite my preoccupied brain, (or because of it) the potholders came together pretty quickly.

My plan it to finish them tomorrow before the closing.  We’ll see how far I get.  I only have 9 of them, so if you’re a flip flop fan, just let me know and I’ll put one aside for you.  They’re $15 including shipping.

unfinished Flip Flop Potholder

13 thoughts on “Flip Flop Potholders

  1. Oh my gosh Maria, these would make perfect Christmas gifts for a friend who loves Flip flops! Can I reserve two?

    let me know the amount and where to send the check!

    Connie Jones

  2. What cool potholders! I love the flip flops. I have two waving Queen Elizabeths and got mine from the BBC America catalog and the Acorn catalog. I love mine as they always make me smile. One is a Diamond Jubilee Queen and the other is a her without her wearing her crown. I hope your closing goes well. Best wishes to you both.

  3. Just bought some rainbow sherbet…must be a sign! Please set aside a potholder for me if it’s. not too late. Happy closing day.Love, Katbie

  4. Dear Maria,

    I would love 2 of the flip/flop potholders to put in my nieces hope chest. She loves anything flip flop we even did her 11th birthday party theme flip flops! Great idea!

    Love & Peace,

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