Jon Katz Notecards Moving Sale

We closed on the New  Bedlam Farm yesterday and although we haven’t sold the Old Bedlam Farm yet, I’m still thinking of moving.  So in celebration of the idea of moving (moving to a new house, moving the notecards, moving less stuff to the new house) I’m having a Note Card Moving Sale.  Any pack of Jon Katz notes card are $10 + $3 shipping, for one week.  Each pack of notecards comes with five 5×7 cards (except the Chicken and Fox series, they have 6 cards in each pack) and all  are signed by Jon.

Sorry, the Sale is over.  If you’d like any of Jon’s notecards they are still for sale at the regular price of $15 + $5 shipping.  Just email me at [email protected].  Thanks!



Bedlam Farm Barn Fairy


Daily Egg


Flowers and Light


Big Barn
Fox and the Chickens
Stonewall Secrets
Windows and Doorways

5 thoughts on “Jon Katz Notecards Moving Sale

  1. Forgot to say congratulations on your new home, studio, and pony. May you and Jon and all the critters flourish in your new place. May a decent buyer come soon for your old Bedlam Farm. I read your blogs every day and they give me a lot to think about and much happiness and beauty. I hope you reap the rewards you deserve for your generosity.

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