Sold Out Flip Flops and a New-Old Pony

Well, I did finish all my potholders before the closing today.   I’m happy to say they sold even before I finished them, but wish I had another flip flop sundress for those of you who didn’t get one.  (and I had a lot of fun making them and would love to make more).

It was a good day all around.  Jon got a great review from Booklist for his new book of short stories  Dancing Dogs.  We had a smooth closing on the new house and now we get to take care of Rocky, our new pony, too!   (When we got to the house after the closing the front door was wide open.  At first it was a bit disconcerting, but then I decided the house was just giving us a big wide welcome.)

So thanks for all your well wishes and for wanting my flip flop potholders enough to have them sell out in one day.

7 thoughts on “Sold Out Flip Flops and a New-Old Pony

  1. I am so happy for you and Jon! I love the potholders too. I have followed Jon’s blog for 5 years and have watched your quilts and potholders evolved from dark colors to the bright ones like the potholders you just made. I don’t want to over-do this, but your life has gone from dark to bright and it shows in your work and I rejoice in this for you. I am a quilter so different fabrics catch my eye and I love the choices you have been making.

  2. Bummer! Knew I shouldn’t have waited to email you for one of these, but good for you! I think the door open was a good sign too. Maybe Florence was welcoming you all in.

  3. I’m thrilled for you and Jon with the closing of your new house! :) So many new adventures lay ahead of you two, along with the dogs, cats, donkeys and those lovely chickens. Can’t wait to see photos as things change and hear about all the new things you two explore! Oh… how wonderful! I always loved to explore as a little girl. My mom always said I was the reason she got all her white hair so early. :) We owned 20 acres, and there were 100s around us. We had a pond, creek on our property, and a big lake further back. I was always gone, exploring with my dogs, and later, riding all over with my horse. What a wonderful way for a little girl to grow up. :) I feel I am walking with you and Jon, as you explore your new place. Again, so happy and thrilled for all the new adventures that lay ahead of you. :) Enjoy every day, every minute there. :) Look forward to seeing it all happen. :)

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