Words In The dark

As I’ve written before, I have a wonderful list of people who want streaming pillows and wall hangings.  I began my day thinking about making a pillow for a woman who is a healer.  She told me a little about her work and I was inspired and excited to get started on her piece.

So I began, having a clear idea of what I wanted to do.  The face and hair, the unclothed body, I stitched one leg then down the other to the foot and…….whoops….the foot was coming out of the wrong side of the leg. Ok, so start over.  I set up a new piece of fabric with batting and backing and realized I was a bit tense.  I picked up the piece with the mistake on it and thought I’d just loosen up a bit,  a little practice before stating the real thing.  I started stitching a big eye….and didn’t stop.

Words in the dark, that’s what it was like.  Something inside of me needed to come out.  Something I wasn’t consciously aware of.   I kept on sewing, until  I stopped, dried up, not sure what to do next.

I still don’t know what this piece is all about, I don’t want to know, not until I finish it tomorrow.  Then I’ll look at it, read the words and see if it makes any sense or if it matters.

10 thoughts on “Words In The dark

  1. The lower left area is interesting. If you tilt your head to the left, it looks like a shark with a pointy nose and a lower jaw whose teeth look rounded. If you tilt your head to the right, it looks like a bird ( the ‘shark’s’ lower jaw is not part of it from this view). This is just what that looks like to me. I don’t know what your intentions were.

    Your pieces remind me of a maze with a message. It must be so cool to be able to have your mind work like that and yet come up with a new message each time. Love your work, Maria.

  2. Maria….I love this post! And I love the piece. To me, it exudes freedom of thinking, fullness of heart and generosity of spirit…all the things that your blog represents. I so appreciate your honest and refreshing take on things…I read your blog daily and am uplifted!

  3. Hi Maria,

    I’ve been gazing at your creation and although you say you started it with your healer in mind, I think it became yours. You manifested your dream, you’re right THERE in a doorway with Freida and Rocky is to the right. You couldn’t complete hers until you spoke yours. Just my take on it. 🙂

  4. Funny thing about this piece Maria. I keep coming back to it again and again. When I am restless or bored, I find myself browsing through to find this one. There is something about the finesse, the precise freedom of the stitching that is fascinating. Such skill girl. Is it too late to wonder, is it sold?

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