here in my heart

At the end of my yoga class Monday night, Toby, the teacher spoke about the meaning of Namaste.  “It means I see the light in you” she said, “we all shine.”

I thought of the streaming pillow I was working on during the day.   I had stitched the words “here in my heart, the world shines”.   Nice words, but I didn’t really know what they meant, not until the end of my yoga class.  We all hold the world in our heart, and we all shine.

Words in the dark
girl dreams of horse
the Language of Sleep Speaks My Soul
here in my heart the world shines
truth turns The Wheels
Come Dream Your Dream

(I think this pillow is sold, if it becomes available, I’ll post it again)

3 thoughts on “here in my heart

  1. I love that! Isn’t it wonderful what happens when you just let things flow? So many connections with the universe. I LOVE this pillow, Maria!

  2. Hi Maria – I love this, particularly the colours and velvet fabric. I am interested with how the back looks and what opening you use to insert the cushion stuffing. Do you aim to finish the work so fit the 12, 18 or 24 inch cushion pads, or are they random sizes. I will send you a picture of my first attempt at a streaming/free motion piece soon. You are an inspiration.

    1. Can’t wait to see your work Melanie. I don’t use a pillow form, I just stuff the pillow though a 6 inch opening or so stitch the first opening on the machine then hand stitch the opening on the floppy border.

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