Pretty Colorful Stickers

Pretty Colorful Sticker for your envelope

Remember when I got my DYMO label maker, how excited I was?  (Well it may not be my most memorable post, but I still get excited everytime I use my label maker)   Anyway, it makes these great labels with my return address and the addressee.  I don’t even have to type the address in, (and it’s a good thing because I’m really bad at typing numbers, I mix them up and put them in the wrong order, sometimes I think I make up new numbers)   I  just copy and paste the address from an email or PayPal and in moments it’s printed and ready to stick on an envelope.  It has made my shipping life sooo much easier.

So a while back I had a large load of shipping (as I did today with Jon’s notecards which are on sale this week check it out here if you haven’t already) and Jon looked at my packages and said “They’re not very colorful”.

Well no, they’re not colorful, but I was just glad to get them all packed up with the right address on them and in the mail.

A week later, Jon hands me a package.  Inside was a whole bunch of pretty colorful stickers to put on my packages. My first thought was that Jon was so sweet and my packages would have a personal touch and look so much nicer.  My second thought was to try and find out how much they cost.  I know they’re a gift and I didn’t pay for them,  but I couldn’t help thinking how they added onto the shipping cost.  I had it all figured out, how much to charge of each package  and now here’s something I hadn’t taken into account. ( Even as I thought this I knew it wasn’t  really true. I have an idea how much the packages cost to ship, but I’ve never sat down and done the math, figuring out the weight and size,  my time and gas etc etc.   it’s just not the way I do things.  To be honest about it, something I loose a little money on shipping sometimes I make a little and sometimes (as Goldilocks said )  it’s just right).

luckily, before I got too crazy about it,  the Don’t be Small voice piped in.   I have a  healthy fear of being a small- Small Business owner (I’ve worked for many of them).  So I let it go.  I gave Jon a big kiss and thanked him.

Now when I do my shipping I smile each time I put one of those pretty colorful stickers on an envelope.  I hope if and when you ever get a package in the mail from me, they make you smile too.

10 thoughts on “Pretty Colorful Stickers

  1. My package with the beautiful flower sticker AND the address label with the quilt on it was “just right” says this Goldilocks.

  2. I am the same way about how much things cost, and I am not even a small business owner. I will try to cultivate the “Don’t be Small” voice myself. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Maria! I received a package from you just last week, and I noticed the sticker. I like the personal touch.

  4. I love the sticker idea. How sweet of Jon to think of it! He seems to be a master at doing the little things that can mean so much. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Oh I can’t wait until I get my package! I hope that my package has one of those stickers. I have began to realize how important small touches of color are for everyday items. I have been reading a book by SARK who is a very colorful artist in San Francisco who always does things in brilliant colors, and sometimes I just like looking at them because they are so colorful. Why don’t we impart more color on the world? What are we afraid of? I think it is the work of our inner critics that say “Don’t cause attention to yourself”. But, I think that we were born to be in magnicificent colors and patterns. What joy there is in the world when we follow our hearts and not our inner critics?

  6. Maria – I just received my package today and was delighted with the flower sticker (and the cards, of course)! What a nice touch – thank you.

  7. I, too, am a sucker for stickers! It really dressed up the envelope with Jon’s beautiful pics of Bartleby inside. I’ve started to do some needle felting and have found sheep to be a good beginner’s project so little Bartleby will be my muse.

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