Maggie wants to chew on my pillow…

Maggie and her pillow

Jo-Anne emailed me this photo of her dog Maggie and my pillow Expanding the Universe.  Jo-Anne said she got Maggie to pose on the pillow but she won’t get to use it on a regular basis, since she would really prefer to chew on it.

Becca's Room

This is a photo of Becca’s room with my quilt and two of my pillows.  Becca told me she has a piece of art from either me or Jon in every room of her apartment.   I’ve never met Becca, but we got to know each other better from reading each others blogs.  Becca’s is called beccaseventhorizon she writes about her life with nature and animals and always includes one or more of her beautiful photos.

Jon's notecards framed on Barbs China Cabinet

I loved the way Jon’s  Autumn notecards looked framed on Barbs China Cabinet.  She said she got the black frames at an antique shop.   I’ve seen these images again and again, but they look so different framed and in someone else’s home.

5 thoughts on “Maggie wants to chew on my pillow…

  1. Haha, I am looking forward to my note cards so I can frame them!

    I thought Maggie was Lenore, at first. Those sad eyed black labs always make me swoon a bit.

  2. Actually, Holly, Maggie is a mutt as well. She came to us, after several moves, at about 20 months old. She is 3 now. She has some mastiff and maybe some boxer and some lab, as well. Her mastiff-y jowls are sort of hidden here. She is BIG, 115 skinny pounds of jokey creampuff! We have two others as well, another shelter dog, and a chihuahua! Quite a varied pack!

  3. Jo-anne, she is a cutie no matter what! I never would have guessed she was so big. I have a mutt who is bit of this and that – mostly lab – and the love of my life. Gotta love those fur-babies.

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