Embrace Life

Embrace Life

Remember paper dolls?  The flat dresses with the little white tabs that you folded over the shoulder of  the doll, who was otherwise  naked, except for underpants or a slip.  And how the  paper shoes, with the same strategically placed tabs, somehow stayed on her feet( for a while anyway).  Thinking back on it, I can’t imagine why they were so much fun.  But I still love the idea of them.

Last week, Susie send me a card because, she said,  it reminded her of me.

by Marylou Falstreau

It reminded me of me too, and of paper dolls.  That’s when I decided to give one of my goddesses the fabric equivalent of a paper doll dress.

That’s where it began, but there were other things on my mind (which I only realized later)  while I was making it.  Hawaii.  I just finished reading Molokai by Alan Brennert.  It’s the story of one girls life in the Leper Settlement on the island of Molokai. (Lots of loss, love, pain, and joy)  The story took up a lot of space in my head and heart.

As if this wasn’t a big enough dose of Hawaii, my friend Kim was supposed to go to Hawaii this week and had to cancel her trip.  Jon and I took her out to dinner (a poor substitute) but we all agreed that something good would come of her being home this week instead of being in Hawaii.

This idea fed into a conversation that Jon and I were having while walking the dogs the next day.  We talked about  embracing life, not just what we perceive as the good parts, but all of it.  So instead of shutting down and tightening up in the face of fear or loss or rejection or disappointment, embracing it.  As Kim was about to embrace her  vacation week at home.

So, that’s the story of my new pillow Embrace Life.   It’s new for me, different from my other collage pillows in subtle ways.  And moving me in another direction that I’m liking.

Embrace Life is SOLD.

15 thoughts on “Embrace Life

  1. WOW…of all the pieces I have seen you post this is by far one of the most beautiful I have seen. Absolutely beautiful !

  2. Lovely. I too enjoyed playing with paper dolls as a child, thinking back, wonder why, they did keep my busy for hours of fun. I have ordered Molokai from my library. Looking forward to reading it. I love historical books.

  3. I spent hours with my paper dolls.Also Colorforms. Remember them? Rather isolated I spent alot of time amusing myself.
    No wonder that’s sold! That is gorgeous. The outside ruffle itself is just lovely. This is truly special. I hope,like you said that you continue in this direction.I can’t wait to see more. :)

  4. Maria, I have read “Molokai” as well, and it is hauntingly beautiful.
    I love, love, love this piece, the colors, the streaming words, the character and I love the dress! This may be one of the most beautiful pieces you’ve ever done. I wish I had seen it earlier and snatched it. It would be such a treasure to have this sit on my leather couch! Thanks!

  5. Maria, your artwork is just getting better and better. It’s becoming hard to choose which pieces are the best. But I like pillows that I can hold (and that can hold me back) and rest my head on, and dream sweet dreams. I love all the colors and the ruffle. It truely is beautiful. Thanks for thinking of me. :-)

  6. Oh, Maria! I love them! Can’t wait until you have some pillows done that I can purchase to put in my home!!!

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