Making my own Magic

I’m not sure where this piece came from, I just had the urge to do it.  I only knew there needed to  be a flying goddess.

And the part about making my own magic, well that came from the idea that I’d rather do it myself than rely on someone else if there are strings attached. Maybe I should have written, I’LL MAKE MY OWN MAGIC THANK YOU!

But, making my own magic, is more positive and less angry and that flying goddess looks like she’s having too good a time to be angry.   Anyway, who wants an angry pillow, not me.  Anger seems to be the opposite of what a pillow is about.  I think my subconscious made a good decision about what words to use.  And after all, if the subconscious doesn’t know about pillows, who does?

13 thoughts on “Making my own Magic

  1. I sometimes have dreams about the flying couples in Marc Chagall’s paintings. I’m pretty sure I’ll have dreams about your flying goddess now, too, with her rockford red heel socks!

    1. Oh, is that what kind of socks they are, the subconscious at work again. I hadn’t thought of the Chagall people, but it is like that when I fly in my dreams.

  2. Oh Maria! I really love this! Is it spoken for? If not, may I have the honor of giving it a home? I have spent much of my life trying to fit in and am finally becoming comfortable with who I am. “Making my own magic” just feels like home. I actually like the other statement too, not so much angry as ” I got me some attitude”! Makes me smile so hard my cheeks hurt!

  3. I love the stars and suns coming out of the goddess’ hair and the chain of paper dolls (at least that is what it looks like to me!)

    Your art could never be angry or inspire those feelings. I am so inspired by my wall-hanging that I had to blog about it today – AGAIN! haha

  4. Maria – What are you using for batting in between your layers? Flannel, cotton, wool? Just curious. This one is awesome (but then again I love all of your work).

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