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I'm Making my own Magic

I have something new on my blog. In the bottom right corner is a Blog Roll.  All the blogs I read and love.  Well, not all of them yet, I didn’t have a chance to list them all, but this is a good start.  It’s something I wanted to have on my blog for a long time and it finally dawned on me to call  Chris at Mannix (my web designer) and ask for it.  So here it is, and it will be expanding all the time,  so don’t forget to keep checking out the blogs  on my new Blog Roll.

(The photo of my completed pillow I’m Making my own Magic has nothing to do with this post, but it would have been impossible for me to choose one image from one blog on my blog roll, so……)

10 thoughts on “See What’s on my Blog Roll

  1. Thank you for posting some of your favorite blogs. It’s my favorite way of “connecting dots” in the internet, which can be a bit of rabbit hole sometimes. I love your artwork and appreciate that you share your struggles and doubts along with your passion and inspiration on your corner of the web world. There’s magic everywhere….


  2. Maria, thank you for posting my blog on your site. Many are visiting upper floor who normally would not find it. Not only are you talented using your sewing machine like some marvelous tool but your human and humane qualities are to be treasured.

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