Jane’s Vacation Chair Pillow and My New Pincushion

"My Vacation Chair" The pillow I made for Jane to trade for one of her pincushions

It was 3 years ago that I met Jane McMillen at the East Poultney Fair in Vermont.  My business was new and I was trying to sell my quilts at Craft and Art Fairs.   I was selling some of my quilts on-line, but I hadn’t sold any at the 2 Fairs I had been to so far.

That was when I came up with the idea of making potholders.  I thought that If I saw my quilts,  I probably wouldn’t buy one because they were too expensive for me.  But if I liked them, I would like to take something home with me to remind me of them and maybe, in the future get one.

The potholder seemed perfect.  It’s basically a small quilt, and not only functional, but something everyone who has a kitchen can use.  Then I thought about how much I would be willing to spend, and $9 came immediately to mind (I have raised my price since then to $15 -$20  which allows me to make more than the minimum wage)  That Autumn I made and sold over 300 potholders on-line, but it was at the East Poultney Fair that I first sold my potholders.

Jane bought one of them.  She was selling her Pincushions and my mother, who was at the show with us, bought one for me.  I was so taken with Janes work I kept her card in my desk draw for 2 years and when I had my second show at the Pig Barn Gallery last Fall, I emailed her.  I wanted her pincushions in the show.

So tomorrow Jane and her pincushions are going to be back at the  East Poultney Fair.  And I’m going to get a new pincushion.  I’ve used mine 5 days a week for 3 years and as attached to it as I am, it’s a bit worn out and  I’m ready for a new one.  So we’re doing a trade.  A pillow for a couple of pin cushions.  The hardest part about getting one of Jane’s pincushions is trying to pick one out, I want them all.  But I have a couple in mind that I saw at the last show she was at.  I’ll be sure to let you know which ones I get.

You can see some of Jane’s work on her website Little House Home Arts.

5 thoughts on “Jane’s Vacation Chair Pillow and My New Pincushion

  1. I loved Jane’s pincushions at your Pig Barn show and treated myself to a lovely little sunflower which sits on my nightstand next to my bed and makes me smile – along with smiling at 2 of your gorgeous potholders in my kitchen that I keep just for looking at, not for using! All give me pleasure every day and you brought these lovely creations into my life. Thank you, Maria!

  2. Maria, I am soooo excited about my pillow! It is absolutely beautiful!! You captured it all!! I look forward to seeing you and Jon today and hopefully it won’t rain all day! I am anxious for you to come and pick whatever you would like at my booth. I have some fun new pincushions! And the best part of any show is that afterwards it will be time for new projects!! See you soon! jane

  3. Oh, Maria, I understand about the difficulty in selecting one of Jane’s pincushions. They are all works of art. How lucky for both of you to swap your beautiful works!

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