Pincushion Heads

Me and my new pincushion and Jane with one of her new pieces, a pincushion and attached scrap bag.

We finally got to the East Poultney Fair after a long showing of the house (to some very nice people) and getting the sick sheep into Daryl’s trailer so he could take them back to Vermont.  Most of the people had packed up by the time we got there.  Not only was it late, but it had rained a good part of the afternoon.  Luckily Jane was still there, with her husband and daughter,  loading her many wonderful pincushions and wallets, doorstops and rugs into boxes and bins.

We made the trade, one of my pillows for two of her pincushions.  She offered me one of her new flower pincushions with a scrap bag but, I decided on this brown tweed pinwheel design.  It’s not one of her more colorful pieces, but I like the density, weight,  shape and size of it.  As I told Jane, I’m always moving my pincushions around from the desk to the floor and often using it to hold down fabric while I’m pinning or cutting.

  And I couldn’t resist one of the  flower pot pincushions.  I’ve been thinking of this one since I first saw it 3 years ago.  It’s a marvel.  And although I think I’ll use it, even if I didn’t, just looking at it is more than enough.

If you haven’t seen it already, (or even if you have, it’s always changing) check out Jane website and blog Little House Home Arts.  Her  work is so  original, finely crafted and functional too.

I can’t wait to get to work tomorrow and use my new pincushions.

(Oh, and Jon took the photo of me and Jane.  He’ll get all huffy if I don’t credit him, and it’s true that I usually forget)


4 thoughts on “Pincushion Heads

  1. This photo is great! Your pincushion adventure sounds so fun! I have the same flowerpot as you have only with pink and purple blooms.(purchased at the Pigbarn Gallery a year ago.) Then I ordered another pot with a yellow lily flower when Jane was first selling her art on line. I had several communications with her. We both bumbled our way through the process and I must say she is just the nicest lady! She mentioned Poultney Day and I didn’t write it in my book. Big mistake cause we had planned to make a day of it. I ended up in P.Town with my daughter to see a friend in a show and had a great two days. Next year I won’t forget to write this down. I so wanted to go and to say Hi to Jane.
    So glad you’re happy with your trade. Isn’t it special how art brings such happiness? I think so. :)

    1. I’m so glad you made a connection with Jane, Cindy. She is very nice and lots of fun too. So much enthusiasm a so talented. I’m already loving both my pincushions.

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