Win the Psycho Shower Curtain

Psycho Shower Curtain

Ok here it is, you can be the new owner of the Psycho Shower Curtain. All you have to do is want it, and leave me a comment . If there’s more than one of you, I’ll randomly choose a name and announce the winner on my blog at 5pm tomorrow.

I think the curtain is brilliant myself.  I can’t believe no one thought of it sooner.  I wish I thought of it.  But even if I had, I still wouldn’t want it in my bathroom.  I mean, the movie was scary enough and I spent years peaking out of the curtain while I was showering, after seeing that movie for the first time, making sure no one was sneaking up on me with a knife.  So as much as I like and admire the idea, I don’t want to live with it.   There’s lots of great art like that,  I can appreciate it, but I don’t want to look at it everyday.

So this shower curtain should go to someone, who likes it and wants to live with it.  And I’m sure you’re out there and I’m not judging you.  After all, Jon would have kept the curtain if not for me.  (I’m very happy with the Singing in the Rain shower curtain, thank you and I’ve never even seen the movie)

So don’t forget to send me a comment if you’re interested, and the shipping’s on me… gladly.


72 thoughts on “Win the Psycho Shower Curtain

  1. I’ve never seen such a cool shower curtain. One gets so sick of the curtains with flowers, fish, stripes and other ho-hum designs. This one has character. Weird character, but character.

  2. This shower curtain will be fabulous in my cellar bath! My family is totally creeped out by that bathroom and will only use if necessary! This curtain will definately fit in!!! I love it! It’s artistic and nostalgic & I’m a huge Alfred Hitchcock fan!

  3. Hi Maria,

    Oh, please see the movie. Very 50s, predictable, etc. but brilliant dancing!! I’m just sure you’ll be smiling…and maybe singing to the animals in the morning.

  4. If there’s more than one of you…

    That made my day, Maria. Thank you. I do not want the shower curtain, but I wanted to share with you how easy it is to make another person laugh or feel better.

  5. I would love to win the shower curtain, but have to admit there is no way I could us it in my house. I wouldn’t be able to sleep with the picture in my mind. I would love to win it to use as a raffle prize at the Dog Days fund raiser we are having for the Animal Welfare Society in New Milford, CT on Sept 22. I can already think of a few people I know who would love to buy raffle tickets to win it.

  6. Maria,

    First off, I do not want the shower curtain but just had to tell you that I agree with you completely about getting rid of it! LOL. The Singing in the Rain one is alot more suitable….

    Love your blogs….and Jons too! Am an avid follower and have been for years!

  7. I watched Psycho by myself at night when I was babysitting years ago, wearing gloves so I couldn’t bite my nails. Loved every minute!

  8. Maria, I just had to leave you a comment because your post gave me a chuckle when I could really use one. I’m surprised to find that the idea of the shower curtain tickles rather than frightens me, especially because the movie itself terrified me when I saw it years ago. I half wondered, when Jon posted about the curtain on his blog, whether it would stay or go. This is a great solution … letting it go to someone who has the desire to live with it. (Just please don’t send it to me!)

    Have a great day!

  9. My husband went “Psycho” after I showed him this pic.
    He loves it. Almost went off his chair laughing.
    It would be great if when he came home from work one day, it was hanging in our bathroom.
    But win or not, I’ve won anyway, having a husband that loves weird and wonderful stuff the same way I do. And laughs as hard as he does. 🙂

  10. Saw that movie the second day it was released. Came out of it FURIOUS
    saying to my husband, “there is nothing that says one needs to feel what it is like to be stabbed to death”….I still feel that way one
    hundred years later, and will never forgive Hitchcock for instilling
    such keen fear in me. His other work was wonderful.
    No shower curtain, pls.

  11. “Norman, I’ve asked you to quit playing with knives! Now, when I’m done showering, remove the curtain and please send it to the nice person whose humor is a bit ‘Psycho’…” :()

  12. For you non-winners..plenty of these on ebay. My daughter is getting ready to move into her apartment at Temple U (Philly) and was disappointed that I didn’t enter the contest to win in for her.

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