Jon’s Photo, The Power of Ritual, Second Printing

"The Power of Ritual" by Jon Katz

I’ve gotten a lot more requests for Jon’s photo of Red herding the sheep  “The Power of Ritual”.  So I’ve decided to do a second printing.

Each photo is signed by Jon and  printed on 11×14 rag paper.  It’s $75 + $8 shipping.  If you’re interested in it you can use the PayPal button below or email me here or at [email protected].



3 thoughts on “Jon’s Photo, The Power of Ritual, Second Printing

  1. Hi Jon, I love this picture! I have one of Red’s pups from Karen Thompson. He is a black & white and is named Red Ryder. I heard that you have Red now so I looked up your site. I hope in the future you would do some more prints since I would Love to have one!!!! I wouldn’t be able to purchase one until in December.

    If you go to my website and go to “meet my dogs” there are several pictures of Ryder. He is a Red and Nell pup, just turned a year last month.

    How nice to know where Red is!

    Thank you,
    Cheryl Kresge

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