Dream Pocket

Dream Pocket (and the color on this is pretty accurate)

I just loved all the ideas  everyone wrote about this quilt.  I do have a thing for fabric from the 70’s.  For the longest time I just thought it was awful, but now I’m able to see how wonderful it really is.  Bright and colorful, optimistic and there’s often something hopeful and child-like about it, like opening up a children’s book.

So back to all the comments, I found them all very interesting, but Peg’s idea of the  Dream Pocket really hit me. (Thanks Peg and may your troubles turn to dreams)  I think because it sums up all those things I just wrote about 70’s fabric.

I remember reading a book about two sisters who had a box and whenever something was missing it would show up in the box. Or how about the Secret Garden.  I’ve always found small spaces magical, whether it’s the rooms of a doll house or the cupboard under the stairs.  So a dream pocket, where you put all your troubles and dream them into something else, that’s right up there with the secret passage that takes you out of your life and into another.

And that was a fantasy of mine for years, and then about 5 years ago my life long fantasy came true.  I got out of my old life and into a new one A life of  love and creativity and fulfillment.   I had to do more than just dream about it, I had to make it happen, but eventually it did.  And here I am making quilts about it.

Naming this quilt has been like interpreting a dream, sometimes you have to say it out loud and let someone else see it, so they can let you know what it’s all about.

So, Dream Pocket is about 60″x60″ and is $250 + $20 shipping.  If you think you might want to snuggle up with it, just email me at [email protected].

the back of Dream Pocket


3 thoughts on “Dream Pocket

  1. Loved this post–it left me feeling happy and hopeful after a really rotten day. That’s just what I need–to dream my troubles into something else and that’s just what I’ll do tonight!

  2. This is such a lovely, eye-catching quilt! I love the center, repeating the themes and colors of the rest of the quilt. And I can’t wait for ‘Frieda and Me’ to come out!!! I thank you from my heart for allowing Jon to write about your beautiful love affair thru Frieda. We are all so blessed that the two of you came together and opened the fountain of creativity that you both possess. Annie

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