Fabric Arts and Fiber Festival at the Adirondack Musuem

Suzy (who I named one of my sheep after) sent me this photo of her High Heel potholder and Flipflop potholder. She called them Friends

Yesterday I got an email from  Micaela at the Adirondack Museum asking me if I would like to participate in their Fabric Arts and Fiber Festival on September 15th.   I would have my work on display, bring my sewing machine and work on a piece while talking to people as they came by.  They are even giving me a “modest honorarium”.    Hummm  I thought, how interesting that this should come just after what I wrote the other day about legitimacy.

So I said yes, not because of the legitimacy thing,  or the money (although that’s really nice) but because it sounds like fun and is just the kind of thing I love to do.  I mean, what’s better, I get to do my work and share it with people and talk to them about it.

So now I have a month to make some new work to display.  A little of each I think, a couple of  quilts, some potholders and pillows and wall hangings.  Then, after the Festival, I can sell them.

I’m really looking forward to it, so if you’re in the area and want to drop by, I’ll be at the Adirondack Museum in in Blue Mountain Lake NY   on September 15th, from 1-4pm.


21 thoughts on “Fabric Arts and Fiber Festival at the Adirondack Musuem

  1. How wonderful, Maria – that’s a great place! Plan to spend some time there, if you aren’t already familiar with it.

  2. Maria, I’m thrilled I’ll be still living in the Adirondacks and can come by.
    I love the Adirondack Museum and the drive up north to it.
    So glad you decided to say yes.
    Dona Reed

  3. That does sound like fun. I’d love the opportunity to see how you do what you do.
    Interesting how the universe works, isn’t it? Just one day after questioning ‘legitimacy’ you get an offer like this.
    Ask and you shall receive 😉

  4. Maria,
    You were certainly legitimate before this, but what a wonderful strong sign from the Universe that you should keep listening to your inner voice and creative soul. You go, girl!! I am very happy for you. And BTW, love the potholders. Are these two for sale?

  5. Maria, You have so found your style……now it’s all about expanding on it . I love your designs and all the
    descriptions behind them. Full circle. Lovely. Your blog is lovely. Authentic and honest.

  6. How wonderful, MAria. We visited this museum several years ago and were very impressed. This sounds like a great event.

  7. Ah, yes … the world is always turning!
    Wish I could visit to watch you do one of your amazing free stitch drawings.

  8. My morning starts with you and Jon, you seem to have just a happy life.

    Love these potholders the shoes make them so outstandi

    Best wishes in your new “soon to be” home.

  9. Congratulations Maria! I have been to this museum several times in my younger days (lots of walking!), and it will be a perfect fit for you and your beautiful work. I hope you have some time to take in the grounds and exhibits. The scenery is truly stunning. I think it just might appeal to a certain photographer you know. Your blog readers will all look forward to hearing about your experience. Good luck!

  10. I went to the festival website and it is awesome! You should have been participating a long time ago. I’m glad they quit waiting for you to come forward and they just grabbed you and dragged you in! ((((((((((Ms. Legitimate Fabric Artist)))))))))))

  11. Congrats, on being a “legitimate” artist, as if you were not one already. on another note, I want to thank you for mentioning when you were reading Molikai. I checked it out at the library, a well told story about a tough time, with hope and love. Thanks.

  12. Congratulations….I’m so happy for you. Someday I would love to have one of your pieces (my husband has one and I get to share the quilt, but I want one of my OWN, lol)…..Love these pieces, especially the shoe. Great work and have a wonderful time at the museum!

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