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Nancy at the Central House

I met Nancy today for tea at the Central House in Salem.  Nancy makes all that great lampwork bead jewelry.

One of Nancy's necklaces

We got to be friends when we started doing some shows together.  She almost sold out of her earrings at the exhibit in the Pig Barn last October.

Today we had an agenda with our tea and cappuccino, we were there to talk business.  Nancy’s been working on selling her earrings wholesale and I’ve been looking into getting some advertising on my website.

But we also wanted to do something together that would connect us and a few other artists as a community.  A way for us all to help each other and share our on-line traffic, or allow it to travel from one site to another.  The blog roll helps to do that, but we wanted something more personal, more interactive, more fun.

So we came  up with the idea for 5 or 6 artists to  have a once a month give-a-way.  So, one month I would give away a couple of potholders and the next month Nancy would give away a pair of earrings etc.  On the day of the give-a-way, each of the five artists would publish it on their blog.  Then if you wanted a chance to win you could go to the artist’s blog who is giving a piece away and post a comment to enter the contest.  This way, it’s not just happening  on my blog or Nancy’s blog, but on all the artists blogs who are a part of the give-a-way community.

Who knows, we may even be able to have on-line exhibits the same way.  (I just thought of that idea, could be a good one?)

So besides having a good cup of tea and  homemade muffin and good conversation,  I think Nancy and I came up with a good idea.  I’m waiting to hear from the other artists as I write this (although one has already agreed,  that would be my sweet husband Jon), and as soon as I know more, I’ll be sure to let tell you all about it.


10 thoughts on “Give-A-Way Community

  1. Hi Maria!
    I think this is a wonderful idea that would also be fun for all of us who read the blogs. I know I read yours and Jons and many of the others that you both recommend almost every day. They are all so enjoyable, different and interesting. I also love the idea of having an on-line exhibit! I would have loved to come to the Pig Barn Gallery shows, but I live too far away but having something on-line would be close to almost being there. I’m wishing you all luck in bringing an on-line gallery show to life! I just thought of a question too, will you have a gallery at the New Bedlam Farm? Thanks Maria!
    — Vicki

  2. Just sent Nancy a PayPal payment for one of her newest necklaces. Can’t wait to receive it – it’s stunning! Roger and I met and chatted with nancy at the art show in Greenwich a few months back and I was so taken with her work. The necklace is going to NYC with me in the fall when Roger and I head there for a week to see his docs and have fun in between the appointments and tests. The fun makes all of that fade into the background since Roger adores NYC. Funny, that – he grew up on a farm and loves NY while I grew up in a big city (Philly) and would rather be in the country than anywhere else in the world.

    Love the give-away idea – good exposure for everyone!

    1. Nice to hear you got one of Nancy’s necklaces Susan. Jon bought me one of her necklaces from the show in Greenwich. It’s the one my sheep Tess tried to eat.

  3. I love this idea! And I love the online part of it too, since the Midwest is far away from you. I also think it is good promotion that raises visibility.

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