Holding Hands with the Universe

The words Holding Hands with the Universe came to me when I was meditating yesterday.  A few other phrases came to me too and at first I was going to do a streaming pillow, but I just got the feeling that these words needed a collage.  During  meditation I also saw the image of the everyday goddess holding a heart fruit that was growing on a tree.  The rest came after I made the tree and goddess.

I hung the finished image on the wall and knew it needed a big and colorful border.  I started to pull out fabrics, some that are in the piece already and some that were the right colors and patterns. I remember the point when my thinking mind shut down and I seemed to be working from a different part of me.  It was like I was looking out of the corner of my eye instead of seeing what I was doing straight on.  I gave myself over to the process, having no idea how I was making the decisions I was making.

I  planned to make a pillow out of this piece, but when it was all pieced together, and  hung  on the wall I realized it needed to stay that way.  Flat, with space around it.   I like looking at it, and being able to see it all at once. (not always possible with a pillow)  I still find the whole thing intriguing, and I keep looking at it,  trying to make some sense of  the images and colors  in my mind.  And wondering where they came from.

Holding Hand with the Universe is 22″x 27″.  It’s $95 + $8 shipping. Sold.

7 thoughts on “Holding Hands with the Universe

  1. Your “un-conscious mind” did a lovely job of color balancing … harmony, rhythm and emphasis are “right on” … can you tell I was once an art teacher???

  2. I love this new way that you have of working – your art is unfolding all the time – it’s wonderful to see and to wonder where you will go next 🙂

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