Donkey Sculpture

Suzy checking out Simon's Donkey Sculpture

No, it’s not a sculpture of a donkey, but a sculpture by a donkey.  It was Simon who created this Balancing Bucket.   I was impressed when I came out this morning and saw the salt block placed at just the right angle  on the ground and the bucket it was in cantilevered off the mineral block.

Jon saw Simon pick up the bucket (which made me a little nervous to think that every day I feed carrots into jaws strong enough to lift a salt block) and dump out the salt then place the empty bucket on top of  the bucket with the mineral block in it.

I ran back into the house to get my camera.  (Jon was not as impressed as I was, he didn’t even offer to take a picture of it)  Then, as I was taking pictures, my sheep came running over to check out the art.  Suzy seemed the most interested until Red came and chased them all back up the hill, knocking the balancing bucket to the ground as they ran past it.

I put the salt block back in the bucket hoping that Simon would be inspired to create a new piece.

Jon and Red painting the panels red

While Simon was making art at the Old Bedlam Farm, Jon was being creative in a different way at the New Bedlam Farm.  Yesterday I took some insulation  board off the bottom of the windows in Jon’s new office.  There were lovely panels beneath them and we were both delighted.  So after Jon got done painting the pipe in the pantry red, he had the idea to paint the newly exposed panels red.   Oh how happy it made me that he was doing something so untraditional.   Something I never would have thought to do.  Paint the panels red, I thought, they’ve been covered up long enough!

8 thoughts on “Donkey Sculpture

  1. I love Simon’s donkey sculpture! How awesome. I actually own a painting done by a dog and I paid a lot of money for it! It was my 40th birthday present to myself. Her name is Tillamook Cheddar (a Jack Russell) and a famous dog artist. Maybe Simon should show his work at the New Bedlam Farm! Keep checking to see what he does next. Silly Jon, he should have come out and photographed this. I’d buy a book about Simon, the artist!

    1. Wouldn’t that be great Kim An animal art show! I’ll have to get the rest of the crew on board. I’m dying to know what Tillamook Cheddar’s painting looks like

  2. Oh, I’m sure I could figure out a way to have Alfie and Waffles contribute! I’ll have to either take a photo of Tillamook’s picture and pass it on or bring her pic to show you next time we meet. In the meantime, I’ll have to start monitor Alfie and Waffles artistic talent.

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