The Unhappy Accident

Neno’s Apron Quilt pieced together

You know the idea of the Happy Accident.  When you make a mistake  and it turns out to be better than what you intended to happen.  Well, today I had an Unhappy Accident.  I sewed a section of Neno’s Apron Quilt on backwards.  Instead of just taking out the stitches and sewing it on right, I thought, maybe this is one of those Happy Accidents.  So the spent the next, oh I don’t know how long, trying to redesign the rest of the quilt around this mistake.  Finally,  thank God, I realized it just wasn’t happening.  I had put those 3 pieces of fabric where they were for a reason and that was part of what made the whole composition work.

So we had lunch and moved some hay ( with the help of Jenna and Ajay) then we came home and I got out the seam ripper.  I made it right and was able to piece the rest of the quilt together before dinner.

This piece is going to the Adirondack Museum Fiber Festival with me on the 15th.  Tess, Neno’s granddaughter may even meet me there and pick up the quilt in person.  What a delight that would be.

5 thoughts on “The Unhappy Accident

  1. Maria, you were right to rip the Unhappy Accident out. Your other layout was better balanced in design. I’ve tried the same thing with my quilts…make a mistake, then think a man on a galloping horse will never notice..but I know it’s there and I know it would bother me forever whenever I looked at that quilt so out comes the stitch ripper and my patience. It’s funny but I have trouble taking the time to mend anything but I’ll make a whole quilt instead. Good luck at the fair. The Adirondaks are beautiful, as were the Alleghany Mountains which I drove through entirely north to south several weeks ago to meet a breeder with a new pup. A four lane divided highway all the way; it was breathtaking. You live in a pretty part of the northeastern US.
    SandyP in Canada

  2. This, of all of your recent work reveals the inspiration you got from the Gee’s Bend ladies. It’s beautiful and evokes so many thoughts about women, domesticity, and especially thoughtful repurpose of materials. I was fortunate to see the Gee’s Bend exhibit several years ago and to hear the ladies sing – I can hear them singing their gospel music when I look at this piece.

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