15 thoughts on “What My Day Was Like

    1. It’s interesting to me how many people saw strength in the potholders. They are so subdued compared to what I’ve been making, yet they poured out of me. All the observations about them are correct, it’s so nice to see my work speak for itself.

  1. Scattered pieces but a unit when put together. Alone, each in our corners, but together we make a bigger picture that can hold a story to support us. Why not keep the potholders together this time and make them to a “support-quilt” ?

  2. I see some tweed. I think any man would be proud to use those hotpads to yank some roast beast out of a hot oven on a brisk fall afternoon.

  3. Angular, but organized. Nice color balance…productive. We all need to be that way sometimes.
    Really nice potholders Maria. Good work.

  4. They look handsome, sturdy & strong! is that the type of day you had?

    I love them! especially all together, would make a great lap quilt for my husband (hint)!


  5. So, you felt — dependable, strong, and able to get any job done. These just show yet another side of you in contrast to the streaming, dream, umbrella pieces.

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