Blue Moon Wall Hanging

I just designed the border for my Blue Moon Wall Hanging. I really love the way it looks. Now I’m going to sew it together. When I’m done with this piece I’ll continue tacking
Neno’s Apron Quilt. Maybe I’ll even get them both done today.
Tonight I’m going to a Drumming Circle at Hubbard Hall in Cambridge (our new town to be). I haven’t drummed in a while, and am looking forward to it. Then on to the new house to decide if we want to strip the wall paper in Jon’s new office. To me, stripping wallpaper is right up there with doing a jigsaw puzzle. Same obsessive process I guess.


2 thoughts on “Blue Moon Wall Hanging

  1. Maria, I can’t even tell you how much I love this hanging piece. Someone is very lucky to be getting it. I just keep looking and looking at it and finding more meaning. You are awesome, I can’t get over how much you accomplish in a day.

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