His and Her, Her and Her, His and His Potholders

His and Her Potholders

This is how ideas work.  Two weeks ago, after a long time of thinking about it,  I made some Manly potholders.  Potholders for men.  So this weekend, I was thinking about my Manly Potholders and thought, now I can sell His and Her Potholders.  For the house where both the man and woman cook there’s a potholder for each person.  I imagined a little fabric sweetheart tying them together.  Makes a nice gift, right?

So the next thing that came to my mind was if I can have  His and Her Potholders why not Her and Her Potholders.

Her and Her Potholders

And of course, His and His Potholders.

His and His Potholders

Just last week someone asked me to make a couple of potholders for her friends, two women, who  just got married after a 30 year relationship.  Now I know my potholder are a bit (well, maybe more than a bit) stereotypical, all that pink flowery stuff for the girls and all those manly plaids for the boys, but it’s a good place for me to start and leaves lots of room to evolve.

So if you know a special Him and Her, or Her and Her, or Him and Him who might want a couple of potholders connected with  a fabric sweetheart,  just let me know, (you can email me at [email protected])  I have a few in stock (thanks to Kim )  and will making more in the next few weeks.  They are $30 per pair + $5 shipping.  You can also order single potholders, for women or men,  which are $15 each + shipping and reach me at Contact Me at the top of my page.

8 thoughts on “His and Her, Her and Her, His and His Potholders

  1. This is one of your most creative ideas ever Maria. Your mind is a treasure. I have a feeling these will be huge.
    They are all truly beautiful, in craft and in what they stand for.
    In pride and equality, Cindy

  2. Maria, you have outdone yourself with the amazing color choices in these potholder sets!! Each set reminds me of the stained glass windows in the Cathedral of my childhood. There were 6 floor to ceiling windows on each side of the church, some more joyful, some more somber, but all radiant, especially when the sun shone through. Annie

  3. What a great idea; his and hers, hers and hers, his and his … I like the way you think, and I like your potholders. And just want to say, I’ve been following yours and Jon’s journey toward your new home, wish you so much love and happiness in it.

  4. Maria,
    You are a beautiful person. Sometimes obvious things still need to be acknowledged. I am proud to have one of your potholders!

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