No Squares for Delaney

Last week Delaney came back to do more sewing.  I thought it would be nice if she got to take home a finished pillow.  So after Mandy, her mom, dropped her off, I asked her to pick out four fabrics cut them into pieces and design a pillow.  As she was going through my collection, Delaney told me how she like to put colors and patterns together that, in her mind,  don’t really go together.  She’ll sometimes choose her clothes this way, and has decorated her room using the same idea.

Delaney is really an actor.  She’s in her school and community plays and wants to be a movie star.  I can see it happening.  She’s friendly, pretty and energetic, constantly chatting to herself, me, the sewing machine or what ever else is in front of her.  When she tells a story she becomes each  character, performing not just talking.   And she’s fun to be around.

I didn’t think Delaney would cut four squares the same size, but she designed a piece that even I had a hard time figuring out how to sew  together.  So we made some adjustments and somehow, came out with something completely different that she liked.  When I looked at the finished piece, It reminded me of one of my potholders.   Delaney isn’t familiar with my potholders, this was her original mind at work.  (which seems in some ways similar to mine) I was delighted.

As I was driving her home I told her it would be easier for her to learn how to sew if she just cut out four squares the same size and sewed them together.   She could work on technique, getting her seams straight and even.    Delaney made a funny face and said, “But I wouldn’t want to do that.”   “Oh good,” I said relieved,  knowing just what she meant.




14 thoughts on “No Squares for Delaney

  1. I love this post Maria. And I love your description of Delaney. It reminds me a little bit of my time with my niece. I love seeing the inner lives of these girls and yes, Delaney sounds a bit like you!

  2. I tought myself how to sew on an old treadle machine and my mother tought me how to hand sew. In Germany where I went to school after the war, I also had to sew in school which was required. I wish my granddaughters lived closer, I would love to teach them how to sew especially in these times, it is also so much fun.

  3. I see a future business enterprise here: “Delaney Designs by Maria Wulf” – seriously, I’d buy that pillow in a heartbeat!

    How lucky Delaney is to have you as a teacher, and what fun for you to help her bloom as an artist…

    Kathleen : )

  4. It would be hard for me to leave such a nicely appointed studio with room to spread stuff out. I can’t wait to see how the new digs will be when you’re all settled in. I’m a little curious if a venue change will open other creative avenues in your work. Each space has it’s own energy that can show through in an artist’s work. Exciting.

    1. I think My new studio will be great too. I’m going to get to have it fixed up the way I want. And I too wonder how it will effect me creatively, John.

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