Nancy and Mandy my small business community and dear friends

Mandy (Delaney’s Mom) joined me and Nancy today for our weekly meeting at the Central House.  We are all growing our businesses in different ways.  Nancy went part time at her job to spend more time making her glass bead jewelry and is working on selling it wholesale. (check out the beautiful stretchy bracelets she made yesterday on her website Mandy has been self employed for 16 years and is now expanding her Massage business to include, energy work, meditation and movement. (new blog coming soon)  And me, well, I’m always looking for new idea and ways to grow my business.  I guess we all are.  That’s one of the things we have in common besides being creative, driven and  committed to the work we love to do.

I joined my local Chamber of Commerce, but never could get myself to attend any of the meetings or mixers.  By now I know myself well enough to know it’s not for me.  But getting together with Nancy and Mandy, is just right.  We update each other on the past week, toss around new ideas, tell each other our fears and accomplishments and encourage and inspire each other.

I feel blessed and am so grateful for my new small business community.


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  1. Maria,
    This sounds so wonderful…I would love to do this. I think one of the hardest things about running a small business is not having a support system or people to bounce around ideas, triumphs and fears! I’ve looked for this type of thing as well and I haven’t fit in any group yet (such as the Chamber of Commerce and very large trainer’s groups, they overwhelmed me)…but I am hopeful, I may just find my group yet. This gives me encouragement!

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