Swallowing the Universe

I keep my Heart Open and my center Strong

Yesterday I emailed Lisa to let her know her pillow was done.  Today she wrote me a long email explaining why it was so right for her at just this time.  She saw things in the pillow I hadn’t thought of.  It was a connection straight from me to her.  I cried.

And I realized that this is what it’s really all about.  Making that connection with someone.  I think so much of life is about belonging, about knowing we are not alone. And I believe that connection is bigger than just two people having a shared experience.  It’s like swallowing the Universe and filtering it through our being then sharing it with the world.

I keep my Heart Open and my center Strong
dare to Live A Full Life
Let your Soul Lead Your Mind
feel my words


5 thoughts on “Swallowing the Universe

  1. You are incredible, Maria. You have this ability to channel feelings and emotion. I will never forget the circumstances which were part of my last purchase from you. And I LOVE my wall hanging. Tryingbdifferentbspacesvtonfind the right spot. And thisbpillowbis amazing.

  2. That is one gorgeous pillow! Lisa is very fortunate.

    Best wishes for a lovely experience at the Adirondack Show.

    From Fran

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