Freedom In each Mistake

Some details from my latest pillow  Freedom With each Mistake and below, the whole thing….

I love my work.  I am grateful everyday that I get to do it.  But when Saturday comes around, I am so ready for it.  I look forward to sleeping late, not going online at all, and having the freedom of mind to know it’s a day off.  It’s true, we’ve been getting up early to work at the new farm on Saturdays, but I still look to it as a day off.  And by the time Sunday comes, I’m ready to get back online and by Monday I can’t wait to get into the studio. I love my weekends as much as I love my work.

The words on my pillow are:

Freedom With each Mistake
missing the Moon
The Wind Is My breath My heart The Ocean
Cradle Me In Moonlight

This pillow is  already sold.



4 thoughts on “Freedom In each Mistake

  1. I love your work! It has gotten me thinking about what phrases I would choose to remind me how meaningful my life is. How can I order one of your pillows?

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