A new home for the girls

Ben built this skid bard yesterday and today we’re moving the sheep to the new farm. I’m checking out sheep coats from rocky sheep suits in Colorado and we even looked at getting another sheep, a Romney we saw at the Washington county fiber festival yesterday.
The sheep are doing well no limping or signs of foot rot. I think they’ll like their new home.

3 thoughts on “A new home for the girls

  1. I know it is a bit premature but I cannot wait to see what kind of wool/yarn you will end up selling. Glad to hear that the sheep have gotten better. I have been following your move as I also will be moving in the near future and have not sold my current house yet either. A bit scary but I am trying my best to not let it take over my life. Sending good thoughts to you also.

    1. Good luck to you too Karen with selling your house and your move. And the wool will be a surprise to me too. I’ll keep you all informed with the process.

  2. these posts are so cool, just love reading about yours and Jon’s life on the farm, and your big move to come.. and the selling of your current Bedlam Farm…. Love seeing your animals run and play and enjoy a safe life with both of you,

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