The Great Common Thread Give-a-way

My Potholders

It begins next Monday, October 1st and I’m going to start it off by giving away two of my potholders.

Here’s how it works:

Me and 4 other artists have come together to form the Common Thread Give-a-way.   For a whole year (and maybe longer depending on how it goes) every month one of us will be giving away a piece of our art.  The Give-a-way will be the first Monday of each month.  If you’re interested in winning you just have to leave a comment on the artists blog who is giving something away.  The winner will be picked randomly and announced that Thursday.

So who are we artists?

Well, there’s me and as I said I’ll be starting it off next Monday, so come back on October 1st  and see what I’m giving away and enter to win.

Then on November 1st Nancy Bariluk-Smith will be giving away a piece of her lampwork bead jewelry.   Check out her work on her website   She just got a new Mac for her business, and is taking some gorgeous photos of her work.

A pair of Nancy’s earrings (these will probably be sold by November, but she’ll have something else wonderful to give away.

On December 1st Kim Gifford will be giving away one of her prints.  Could be one of her collages or one of her pugs.  We just won’t know till December. Kim’s website is pugs& and you can read all about her and her work there (Kim is also a terrific writer and pug lover)

One of Kim’s photo collages. You may remember it from the show at the Pig Barn Gallery.  She writes about how she makes her art on Pugs & Pics

And now we’re into 2013.  Jane McMillen will be our January 1st giveaway artist.  I’ve been enchanted by Jane’s work since I bought my first pincushion from her.  But she also makes wallets and penny rugs and well, you’ll just have to go to Jane’s website to see what she’s up to now.  Who knows what she’ll be giving away in January.

One of Jane’s pincushions. Even if you don’t sew, they’re a pleasure to look at. Jane has a bunch of events coming up in the next few months so you may be able to see her work in person depending on where you live.

And the fifth artist giving away a piece of his work the first Monday in February 2013 is my own sweet husband Jon Katz.  It will be note cards or a signed print of one of Jon’s Photos.  I hardly need to mention his website but just in case you haven’t done it already…….

Jon’s photo “The Power of Ritual” of Red herding sheep.

And then in March,  we start all over again.  So don’t forget to check in next Monday (and if you’re on one of the other artist’s websites, they’ll remind you) and see what I’m giving away.

11 thoughts on “The Great Common Thread Give-a-way

  1. My gosh! This is better than the lottery, a chance to win a beautiful creation from Maria & Friends, – count me in!

  2. Fabulous program, Maria! I’m excited to learn more about all the artists and their work. Thanks to everyone who is participating!

    I grew up a Navy brat — lots of moves, lots of upheaval, never the same friends for very long. So, I’ve come to love places — even the rocks, trees, and resident animals. I’m especially fond of those spots yielding lots of personal growth, and there have been many. Leaving has always been very hard for me, but the change itself is usually transformative. Freida is a good role model. She’ll miss her wood stove, but as long as she has you she’ll adapt just fine.

    Your studio, old or new, is a living thing. Always, you are at the center, the heart and soul.

    I’ve kissed houses goodbye and shed many tears over the loss of a former sacred place. At the same time, I’ve always managed to adapt, to find the magic in my new setting. It will take a little while to adjust, but I know you’ll do better than fine at New Bedlam Farm.

  3. Maria, I would be honored if you would throw my name into the hat for the draw. And as to your new studio, it’s like putting on a new piece of clothing. It may take awhile to feel at home in it but I think you are a nester and you will eventually make it feel right to you. Nesters don’t always like making new nests…(smiling)…but when they do, it feels as good as the old.
    Sandy P in Canada

  4. Hello Maria! My husband and I drove down to Sandgate VT yesterday and heard Jon’s radio interview regarding “Dancing Dogs” and his(your!) upcoming book-signing road trip. I am excited about having discovered both of you, his books and photography, and your whimsical fiber art. I would be PROUD to own one of your potholders, for sure!!

    Prayers for a safe trip, Sandy in Charlotte VT

  5. Am currently relocating from Brittany, France back to the UK so a potholder for my new house would be a treat.

  6. Enjoy you blog and Bedlam Farm Journal).
    I’ve been inspired to sew up a storm for my church bazaar.
    Please enter me in your contest.

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