The Sheep are Home

The sheep seem to be loving the new farm.  Ken Norman, our farrier, moved them in his trailer.  They ran right into the pasture, I stood inside the gate shaking grain, while Red got behind them.  After finishing off the grain, they started to graze.  By the time we left they were making their way around the pasture checking out each corner. 

Ken, his wife Eli, their daughter Nicoline (the Bedlam Farm Fairy)  and their neighbor Eden were all there to help.  Eden has a Border Leicester who needs a home, so we may get our 5th sheep from him.  I’ll be able to look out my studio window and watch them graze.

Red chased the sheep around a bit.  It’s a flat open area, so it’s easy work.  I felt a little bad leaving them there, but Zelda keeps an eye out and Rocky is in the pasture right next to them.  I know they’re safe inside the new fences, but I’ll feel better once were in the house.

7 thoughts on “The Sheep are Home

  1. So exciting! Glad they are checking everything out and settling in. All this work around the new farm is impressive and is inspring me to “feather my nest” and start winterizing.

  2. Hi Maria.

    Love the first picture of the sheep gathered. Wow, the trees are really beginning to change in NY!

    I imagine with the recent foot rot experience you have been doing a lot of research as far as prevention of future outbreaks. So are the sheep cured? I read there is a vaccination, but it doesn’t prevent all varieties. Will you vaccinate? How is it that Zelda did not contract it, since she was in the same pasture? You have so many things to think about having farm animals. I never realized.

    Glad the sheep settled quickly in the new pasture. Hope the flock remains healthy for you.

  3. HI Maria, big step moving the sheep, I’m excited for you, and look forward to reading how the new studio progresses. A Border Leicester would be a great addition to your flock, and wonderful for future fiber projects – I’ve just been spinning some BL fleece and it’s lovely stuff.

    Next weekend is the big Fiber Festival in my area, it’s in South Wales, about 40 mins south east of Buffalo, NY if anyone wants more details see

    Loved all the pics from the Adirondack event, and enjoyed reading about the recent new designs for potholders – especially when I recognise some of the fabric as the small leftover pieces from my quilting projects that I sent you. Spotting the pussy willow on the blue background recently brought back happy memories of how thrilled my aunt was with her nature themed quilt that included that fabric.

    Thanks for keeping us up to date, Hannah

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