Working on my new studio

Jon just called me from the new house to let me know that Ben has started working on my studio.

I wish I was there to see the beginnings of it.  I’m at home working on more potholders.  Jon’s book tour starts tomorrow at Battenkill Books and then we’ll be traveling next week so I want to get some potholders done for Kim to be sewing while I’m away.

Jon can bring his work to the new house, but I still need to be in my first beloved studio to get my work done.  I’m going to be doing some of the work on my new studio, painting inside and out and glazing the windows.  But I’m also so busy making pillows and potholders and quilts (and that’s where the money comes from) I have to manage my time between the two.  So far it’s just been weekends and some evenings at the new house but to get it all painted before the winter (with the book tour and moving too)  I may have to take a few days during the week.

Jon posted a photo of Ben inside my studio so I could see the progress.  Click here and  we can see it together.


3 thoughts on “Working on my new studio

  1. This pic of the studio makes it look so roomy! From the outside, I thought it was quite a bit smaller. I don’t know how you handle concentrating on your wonderful art AND completing a new studio AND moving sheep, AND moving yourself!! Handling interruptions, going back and forth between projects, is such a challenge. Not a challenge I handle well. Godspeed!! Annie

  2. Maria, just wanted to say congratulations on the photo of Jon on the inside cover of “Dancing Dogs”. I see he made sure to give you credit!

  3. It seems unusual that you would have an “Official Mitt Romney Site”
    amongst your sidebar ads…imagine you have no choice, but it seems
    particularly incongruous for you and Jon!

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