Someone’s Old Clothes, My New Materials


One of today’s potholders, made from a pair of Donna Wynbrandt’s shorts.

It began when Diane asked me to lunch.  I haven’t seen her since she helped me with the last Pig Barn Gallery Exhibit in June.  A nice day I thought, making potholders in the morning, lunch with Diane and Patrice, then over to Barbe’s new Consignment shop, Shabby Chic in Hudson Falls.    My fabric supply was running dry.  I needed something new, something to inspire me.

I guess this is how it happens.  After making lunch and Consignment shop plans, I got an email  from Cindy ( a long time customer who has become an online friend) who said she had some scrubs if I was interested in them.  I always use scrubs in my work.  They come in great solid colors (and some neat patterns too) just right for my potholders and pillows.

Then, last night at Jon’s reading at  Battenkill Books, for his new book Dancing Dogs, Donna Wynbrandt told me she had 2 bags of clothes she was getting rid of.  Lots of cotton and linen she said.  Although she’s always fashionably dressed, I had no idea Donna was a clothes horse.  I came home with two huge, heavy bags of her old clothes.

Two bags loaded with Donna’s old clothes

So this afternoon I hit Shabby Chic Boutique and Barbe has  shelves full of clothes she can’t sell because they’re stained.  Perfect for me, I can just cut the stains out.  I come home with  two boxes of clothes. A few of them flannel shirts that belonged to her Uncle.  Great for potholders  and meaningful too.

Barbe and Rascal,  who is recovering from a face and foot full of porcupine quills

When I get home there’s a box waiting for me.  It’s from Roger.  He told me, when I saw him and his wife Susan at the Adirondack Museum, that he had an old denim jacket that he loved but was so worn it was unwearable.  It came today with colorful some ties and a smile.

The “smile” was at the bottom of the box

So that’s how it goes.  I was dry and now my materials have been replenished.  And with little effort on my part.

3 thoughts on “Someone’s Old Clothes, My New Materials

  1. HI Maria,
    About leaving the Studio Barn : when my parents’s home was sold after 64 years, I took a few tiles from the kitchen, a few tools from my dad’s workshop,etc. Bringing things I could touch gives me comfort on the days I need it. What if Jon took a photo of you working in the old studio? It could be hung in the new one bringing its spirit with you.

    I liked the idea of renaming your new studio. I also think your new farm should have its own name,to reflect both of you.

    Actually, the Studio Barn didn’t produce your creativity, it reflected it and nourished it, just as my dad’s workshop did. My dad filled it with his creative energy and the new owner will do the same.
    Just my thought.
    Thank you always for sharing your energy with us.

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