My Beautiful Velvety Walls

My beautiful new walls

Ben got the sheetrock up on the ceiling and sanded the wood paneled walls. I was determined to paint the walls white, mostly because  I wanted to brighten the place up, but Ben had an idea of how beautiful they would be sanded.  When I saw what they looked like I had to agree, clean and light with a velvety texture, I fell in love with them.

We planned out where the lights and outlets would go.  Two recessed lights over my work area by the window and one over the west window where I plan to have another work area for my computer, I’ll leave the rest to the electrician.    The whole back wall will be open for hanging and photographing my work.  Ben is attacking a satin on that wall as I write this,  spilled paint or something that’s  black and gunky.

The electricity goes in next week.  It’s supposed to rain this weekend so Jon and I many have to delay scrapping and painting the outside.  I’ll paint it  white with green trim as it is now, but I’m thinking of painting the door a different color.  Something bright, just enough to make it stand out.

16 thoughts on “My Beautiful Velvety Walls

  1. There’s nothing like real, natural wood! In this age of Ikea, I long for a house with real wood trim inside. Glad you listen to Ben! He’s a big tough guy but touchy-feely when it counts!

  2. Happy that you let your wood walls remain wood…
    Your pot holders are too dear to actually use… so if I owned one, I’d probably frame it.
    Can you tell me… will Dancing Dogs be available in LARGE PRINT ?
    Millions of visually challenged people (I’m one) prefer large print.
    Keep on creating and shoveling! Carleton

  3. Red doors are very healthy Feng Shui(sp?) You probably already know this. They bring health,happiness and prosperity. You have this is place actually with the red door panels Jon painted in the house. :)

  4. Smudging with sage cleanses and repels evil spirits (Native American traditions). Hanging mistletoe over the threshold is also useful to stave off evil and attract good fortune (Celtic and Norse traditions).

    I have always liked the look of natural wood.

  5. Dear Maria, White is bright for working, but sterile also. These ‘velvety walls’, are worthy of a poet and artist such as yourself!! Annie

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