Books and Old Scrubs

Andy, Ron and Cindy at the Brookline Booksmith last night

Cindy saved me a seat at the Brookline Booksmith  last night.  She was there with her husband Ron (what a sweet couple they are) and her brother Andy (that’s a bag on his lap that I made for him a couple of years ago).  Cindy gave me a big bag of her old Scrubs (great fabric for potholders and pillows) finally proving  to herself that she was done with her nursing career.

I  met Cindy through my blog, then in person at a couple of Jon’s readings. We connect on a few different levels.  It’s been a pleasure getting to know her and her husband and now her brother.  It’s like seeing old friends.

2 thoughts on “Books and Old Scrubs

  1. How great to see a photo of Cindy! I feel as though I know her by her comments on your blog and Jon’s. Hi Cindy!

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