Scraping and Sanding the School House Studio Floor

Went to the new house this morning and found Ben sanding and scraping my Studio floor.  The floor has some stains and some holes, but Ben is taking care of them all.  I was ready to just paint over it all, Ben is dedicated to the wood.  Thank you Ben.

And you may have already read on Jon’s site (he scooped me again) that I liked the idea of naming my new Studio as a way of feeling more comfortable there and making it mine.  It turns out Jon and I were both thinking the same thing, School House Studio.  I’m not positive what the building was originally, but I’ve always felt is was a School House and probably moved to the site it’s at now.  I like the directness and simplicity of the name.  It is what it is, The School House Studio.

And there’s still time to enter the potholder Give-a-way.  Check it out here, I’ll be announcing the winner at 6PM.

2 thoughts on “Scraping and Sanding the School House Studio Floor

  1. I wonder how many potholders you’d have to sell to pay for all those renovations? Yes, I’m jealous…I just use the guest bedroom to sew (and have to clean it up when we have guests). No such thing as a ‘studio’. I also have to deduct electricity from my earnings to pay for the extra power I use.

    1. Isn’t it so important to have a room of ones own Jean. I know how you feel. Maybe you should get a pull out couch for the guests and make the guest room all yours. You might have less guests but more time to work

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