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  1. There’s japanese garden near Fort Worth we visited once that had koi and they enchanted me following my shadow, blowing me kisses to beg for fish pellets. So peaceful and fastenating to watch. Keep trying to figure a way to have a koi pond in our back yard and not feed all the neighborhood cats in the process! Working on planning another trip there next year just for the pure peacefulness, pleasure of going there.

  2. I can’t quite grasp the irony: having left the bay area a mere month ago for our new home farther northwest, now you are both going to be in Santa Cruz on Monday! I’m such a big fan of BOTH your works and will miss the opportunity to see you guys live and in person—so I’ll hold out hope for another tour in maybe Eugene or Portland someday soon.
    I hope the tour hosts you in exemplary style and comfort; you SO earned it!!

  3. So glad you got to stay at Dinah’s — it’s lovely, an oasis and I have felt so nurtured staying there a couple times when visiting old friends. Had a great balcony overlooking the pool, across from the cafe, and also a great breakfast there in the morning. Too bad they couldn’t have just left you there a few more days instead of moving you up near the airport — not that different as far as getting to your various destinations, and so much more pleasant! The South Bay was my home for over 16 years, but now, living in Portland, OR, I see CA as a great place to visit, but not to live, and I love to come home to this “real” and artsy city where I feel more sense of belonging.

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