Jon at Book Passage

I’m not going to complain about not being able to stay in San Francisco because of everything that’s going on there this weekend and the traffic we’d have to endure getting in and out of the city. I’m still glad to be here even if we’re staying at the Airport Hilton, stranded except for our escort Martha who is thoughtfully making the best of it for us. (Good restaurants and some site seeing and good company)
The really nice part is that I got to meet Barbara and her husband Jim ( one of the good men) and Joanne (who drove 2 hours) and Lucinda and her dog Rip. (Ill post a photo of Rip and one of my pillows when I get home). Rip had beautiful that seemed to look into my soul.
Got to see the Golden Gate Bridge and the cities skyline on our way to the bookstore. We’ll get to San Francisco yet.

2 thoughts on “Jon at Book Passage

  1. Glad to read your more positive posting about SF. It is really disappointing when plans don’t work out the way we wish but it’s good to that you are able to appreciate what you did do and saw the positives. I think Jon is having a harder time with that. Good man that he is, he’s working on it! Enjoy the remaining time in CA. Is gas really over %5.00/gallon?

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