Diane’s Magic Shoe

It’s a magical shoe, like Dorothy’s or a magic carpet. I expect if I rub it a genie will come out. Diane gave it to me at Jon’s reading in Sabastpol yesterday. She sent me photos of her ceramic shoes after buying some potholders and I loved them immediately. I think my magic shoe is going to have to go in my School House Studio, I know it will inspire me. I can already see it on on of my everyday goddesses.

4 thoughts on “Diane’s Magic Shoe

  1. Hey Maria, It really looks like you’re having a great time. I love this shoe! It looks full of drama. It brings the theater and opera to me. Looks like a beautiful aria. It may bring singing and magic into your new studio. Just lovely!
    And it’s shadow is Mother or Minnie scampering by.
    Safe passage home, Cindy

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