Studio floor

Spent the morning with Dr Jensen as she floated and pulled two of Rocky’s teeth. I had no idea how big horses teeth are. As soon as she was done Rocky was out in the pasture grazing. Eating will be easier for him now.
Ben put the first coat of polyurethane on my studio floor. If the weather’s good well scrape and start painting the outside this weekend. I’m beginning to think about how I’ll arrange the space. It gets clearer all the time.

7 thoughts on “Studio floor

  1. Ooh, Ooh. Just gorgeous, it will be such a warm and cozy space. Thanks for sharing the process of restoration of this lovely space that you will soon make your artistic haven. Yes, I’ll admit to a touch of envy.

    And Rocky knew what he was doing when he sent the message out to you and Jon. Of course everyone was hoping there would be sight restored, but he does seem just fine and knows he’s beloved.

    One of my cats had 4 teeth pulled this wk, and she didn’t “graze” right away.

  2. It’s BEAUTIFUL! You’re going to be so happy in your new space, Maria. Fresh creative ideas will surely emerge here.

    (Ummm…maybe the ceiling should have been sanded and painted before the floor was done. ;-))

  3. What a beautiful job Ben has done! Can’t help but envision all the creativity that will emanate from your new space.
    Happy Rocky will feel better now.

  4. The floor looks beautiful. This picture does capture the feeling of an old “schoolhouse”. I believe great things are store for you here. I was anxiously awaiting the video and pics of the donkeys being moved too. Glad everything seems to going smoothly on that front. Get some much needed rest tonight!

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