Digging Our Heels In

Ma, our new sheep who came to the farm yesterday, in need of shearing.

Moving the donkeys to the new farm yesterday made our leaving the old Bedlam Farm very real. Partly because our donkeys are not easy to move and where ever we move them they are going to stay for a while. But it’s more than that. The farm is empty without them. The pasture and barns loose their purpose. In a way, there’s no reason to be here without them. Donkeys can hold you to a place, in their size and our responsibility to them. They are grounding and can be a burden. I spent a good part of my life fearful of responsibility and commitment. I guess now I welcome the stability the donkeys bring. They live a long time, and I’m looking forward to growing old with them in our new house. I’m liking the idea of never moving ever again, an idea that used to send me into a panic.

Me and Jon and the animals living and dying in this new place. We’ve come here like settlers making their way out west. Finding our piece of land and digging our heels in. It has nothing to do with where we are geographically, and everything to do with were we are psychologically and emotionally. And in those terms, we’ve circled the world to get here. Not that this is the end of something, or just the beginning, it’s a continuation that doesn’t stop until we do.


15 thoughts on “Digging Our Heels In

  1. What a beautiful summation! You have brought it all together in two small paragraphs. Maybe it’s time for YOU to do a book!

  2. Lovely, thought-filled piece Maria. I love the concept of continuation….
    …may the rest of everything go very well for you all.

  3. Hi Maria, Ma looks like a corker! Such a nice color.
    This post touched me on several levels. You are so special. I believe there’s an invisible thread running through us all.

  4. Maria – you said it so beautifully – it is attachment that grounds us and the flip side of the burden of responsibility is love, attachment and stability. All best wishes with the move – I imagine there must be many mixed feelings all at once. Here’s to you and Jon and all the animals in your lives at New Bedlam Farm!

  5. Maria,
    Wishing you well on the move, and thanking you for describing the move in such a succinctly beautiful mode. Moving has always filled me with dread, and now, I have a new slant, thanks to you and Jon.
    Cindy’s comment about the thread attaching us all, is so true. Parallels the sewing aspect of our lives, as well.

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