Cotton and Denim

I just finished designing this quilt for Cathy. She asked for denim and cotton and that was just what I had the urge to do today. Also, with us moving and going through our things, I got a bunch of Jon’s old jeans. Perfect timing.

5 thoughts on “Cotton and Denim

  1. Dear Maria, I have been so busy lately,(moving Yikes! you get that)I haven’t checked your web-site daily which I normally do. Oh My Goodness! I LOVE the design of MY quilt. Jon’s old jeans. I am so excited. THANK-YOU. Have fun. I truly appreciate you and your Art. With Affection, Cathy Miller

  2. Dear Maria, I so excited that “Walking in Circles” my quilt has been started at your Studio Barn and will be finished at the “Schoolhouse”. I know we truly don’t “know” each other but I love you and Jon and feel so fortunate to have met you both last December. Now to be able to have a piece of your art and watch it “grow” to completion…it’s wonderful. Thank-You, Cathy Miller

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