No Yard Sale, but another Art Show In December

We’re canceling the Yard Sale we planned for this weekend,  and we’re moving instead.  We just don’t have enough things to sell at a Yard Sale.

But we are planning a Show in December.  It will be at Bean Heads in Cambridge NY on Saturday December 8th.  Bean Heads is a coffee house that has been closed for a number of years, and Nancy, Mandy and I (the Tuesday Business Women) are going to clean it up and have a one day sale of our work.

What we know so far is that the event will take place between 10Am and 5Pm.  Nancy will have her jewelery, I’ll have potholders, Jon will have prints and notecards, and Jane will have her pincushions and wallets.  We’re also working on getting a local soap maker and a candlemaker, and a potter and spinner and knitter. We’re working on getting a drumming circle going and  there will be coffee and desserts.  Mandy will be having  an open house and possibly a  morning meditation in her new Healing Art Center above Bean Heads.

The weekend of December 8th is the Town of Cambridge’s Holiday Weekend.  Between Friday night and Sunday there will be a Holiday Parade, Christmas Tree lighting, and Reading of The Night Before Christmas.  On Saturday Hubbard Hall, the old opera house, will have it’s Holiday Breakfast.  You can visit Battenkill Books ( and see Connie and Marilyn)  and the Artisan’s Market and the other local businesses each offering 20% off any one item purchased.

So come if you can, they’ll be lots to do and I’ll keep you updated on the detail as we figure them all out.

5 thoughts on “No Yard Sale, but another Art Show In December

  1. Cool beans!! No pun intended…looking forward to it. I was bummed that you guys were going to have a yard sale the same day as the Fall Festival at Joe’s school…not bummed anymore!


  2. Just noticed you wooden sweing case. I have the same one. This sounds like a wonderful show. Wish I lived close enough to make the trip. Best wishes for its success.

  3. Very happy to see this space utilized by artists to display and sell their unique works. Hope that this can become a permanent location for you and your friends.

    Gives an additional reason to visit the village and support local talent.

    Best wishes to you all.

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