Walking In Circles

I’m working from the middle out. This is what I got done so far…

I’m walking in circles.   I pick something up, walk around with it and put it down.  I stare at a bookshelf and think, where should it go?  Furniture and stuff is scattered around the new house.  A bench,  chairs,  lamps, a fan, and boxes of books.  I know they all go together, I just can’t figure out how.   And this is only a tiny piece of it all.  On Saturday the rest will come, then every room will be full.  I know like a puzzle or a quilt it will all eventually come together.  But right now, after a day of driving back and forth from one house to the other with car loads of stuff, meeting with the bank, planning a show with Nancy and Mandy (Saturday December 8th, I’ll write about it more later), taking care of the animals (Rocky and Simon are working it out no matter how it looks to us) and getting a couple hours of work done in the studio, I can’t imagine how.

I’m heating up some frozen burritos in the oven and one of those rogue chairs is in front of the fireplace . We got a small fire going and a bottle of wine in the dining room.   I think I’ll ignore the furniture and boxes begging to be put in their place and call it a night.

10 thoughts on “Walking In Circles

  1. Most definately the best decision! Enjoy a sip of wine with your man. We send you best wishes for strength and patience to get through your moving experience.
    In my life moving has to be the most dreaded of the dreaded. It transforms my life into a sci-fi movie and changes me into an agitated,mood swinging fool. Then six months later I look back and think what just happened? I friggin love it here!
    I love this quilt! The denim and fabric reminds me of my hippy New York City flower quilt.(the Izzy quilt)This’ll go on our bed soon. It’s heavier and warm. Hang in there! I’m thinking, the Beatles singing “Love is all there is. Love.love.love.”

  2. Maria, I love your blog. And I think you have inadvertently given a name to your new quilt–what could be more suitable than a denim-pattered quilt than the title, “Walking in Circles”? You have active legs of jeans migrating outward in the pattern you are creating, and it is such a lovely metaphor for both those old jeans and what you are going through right now. Amazing how our art predicts/echoes our lives.

    1. Oh, of course A.S.M, and I was thinking that when I posted the photo, how I’m working from the inside out, like a circle too. I just never put the two together. Thanks for pointing it out!

  3. The bottle of wine, a very good thing indeed! And, what a lovely place to enjoy a glass…in front of that very inviting fire. Peace and tranquility for you both.

  4. After 20+ years in the same spot, we moved about one month ago to our new country home. I’m STILL walking in circles, looking at unpacked boxes and furniture out of place. I’m just so enjoying our new environs that there’s no need to rush; it will all find a spot in due time. Here’s hoping your transition unfolds in peaceful, whimsical decisions—much like your artistic creations!

  5. I haven’t moved in twenty years, and hope never to do so again!! I am apt to walk around in circles, trying to decide what goes where and what to do next w/o moving at all!! GOD SPEED WITH ALL YOU MUST ACCOMPLISH! Annie

  6. A manly quilt like your manly potholders…Really love the combination of plaid, denim and the smaller prints. The subtle colors are great, too.

    The pattern made by the plaids and the interspersed denim (or is it the denim with interspersed plaids) reminds me ofan aerial view of impressionistic late fall fields with a creek and small ponds.

  7. Call it a night? Maybe call it a day. I have always found that moving is one of the most difficult, challenging activities ever. In the end, however, you will have created a new home reflecting the love and beauty that you and Jon share with the world around you. It will be a welcome haven from all of the fleeting chaos that sometimes arises from decisions,chores,etc. It will be a place of beauty,love and creativity. Who could possibly want more than that? Taking the time to sit back, relax and look at it all allows for everything to fall into place; objects will tell you where they belong, where they want to go.Take a breath, take it all in. Enjoy the moment.

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