My Beautiful Conduit

And my School House Studio has light. I love the way the shiny galvanized conduit looks against the soft brown wood walls. It makes such a graceful line.

11 thoughts on “My Beautiful Conduit

  1. Once you bring your fabric and tools and soul, this will look and feel right I think. Right now it is missing
    you being present. What a lovely place for you to fill up with YOU. Can’t wait to see how you fill it up with
    Maria and all that is you that you love and do.

  2. I can’t believe you’re blogging!!! It’s moving day! You’re obviously doing much better than I could on such a momentous occasion! Good on you Maria!

  3. Maria, all I can say is, “Welcome home.”As a retired teacher, I think that your name for the studio is so appropriate, “School House Studio.” It is a place of creativity and ingenuity; a place where you will be able to create with ease and comfort. How wonderful that you can just look out the window and gaze at the life of the farm as it goes by. Good fortune has brought all of you together. I wish you a lifetime of continued happiness, companionship and good health.
    Jane Mintz

  4. Maria, I just LOVE your new studio! What character it has… all that beautiful wood! WOW! I was a daughter to a master carpenter, he learned his trade in Switzerland. To this day, I love the smell of wood, tools and still smell my father in the things I have from his basement wood shop! Any thing he build was build well, beautifully and will last forever. I miss him, and all the wonderful things he used to do for us… can’t find anyone like him anymore, to do great wood work. But, looking at what Ben does for you… well, I see a good man there, doing good work! You guys have a gem there. 🙂 I can’t wait to see your new studio with all our beautiful fabrics and sewing machines, and Frieda laying there soon! 🙂 Enjoy your new place. 🙂 It’s beautiful.

  5. I love the look of condute..its function fullfilled. Will you think about making potholders with dogs or donkeys on them? I’ll be watching. thanks

  6. I love how your artistic eye can see symmetry and beauty in a way that unifies different elements- “shiny galvanized conduit against soft brown wood”-beautiful!

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