Come to the Collective Arts Winter Gallery Dec 8th

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Mandy telling me about her  blog, in her new space upstairs from Bean Heads (where the show will be)

I got up early this morning to go to a Chanting Circle in Greenwich.  Because of the book tour and moving, I’ve missed many weeks of yoga and chanting, and I miss them.   It was still dark when I got there and there were no lights on in the building.  I waited a while then left after no one showed up.    I started to drive back home and was awed by a beautiful deep pink sunrise over the mountains.   Then I realized that Mandy might be on her way to Chanting and pulled over to text her that it was cancelled and said that at least I got to see a beautiful sunrise.   Nancy and Mandy and I have been planning the December 8th Show in Cambridge,  so we had a 3 way message going.  Nancy immediately texted back that she just took a picture of the sunrise then Mandy texted that she did too.  How interesting I thought that we had all been up before dawn, each for a different reason and had all witnessed the sunrise.

We all met a few hours later for coffee and tea to discuss the show and what was happening with our business’.   I got my first Google Adsense  payment (very nice thank you all) Nancy went live on the Wholesale Site she was working on becoming a member of and Mandy started a new blog (Check it out, Mandy’s a wonderful masseuse, I go to her regularly, and today’s massage was much needed after the past couple of stressful weeks)

After the personal updates we got down to business.  We came up with a name for the show, discussed advertising, and came up with a new  (not yet final)  list of artists.  So here’s what we have so far.

Collective Arts Winter Gallery at Bean Heads (everyone who lives in Cambridge remembers when Bean Heads was open for Coffee and bagels and desserts, it’s right next to Hubbard Hall and a few stores down from Battenkill Books)  so…

Collective Arts Winter Gallery at Bean Heads, 1 Main Street, Cambridge NY.  Saturday December 8th from  10Am-5Pm.

We’ll have art and food and  book signings, and painting demonstrations and Red and lots of fun (if it wasn’t going to be fun, we wouldn’t be doing it)

So far we have:
Nancy Bariluk-Smith’s  Lampwork Bead Jewlery (every Tuesday at the Central House,  we all show up wearing Nancy’s Jewelry)
Suzy Fatzinger’s Handspun and knitted baby hats, cowls, shawls and her own roving (Yes, the same Suzy my sheep is named after)
Jane McMillen’s  magical Pincushions and wallets (they look good enough to eat)
Gabi Moore’s Watercolors ( Gabi will also be doing a watercolor demonstration)
me- well you know what I do.  I’ll  have a variety of lots of potholders
(we are also working on getting an artist who does intuitive painting and someone who makes homemade soap)

And –  Jon Katz  will have notecards and photos and you can visit  Connie and Marilyn at Battenkill Books ( just a couple of stores away)  where you can buy any of Jon’s books which he’ll sign from 12-2 pm.   Jon will be in and out, with Red during the day (taking pictures no doubt).

Lisa Carrino from Pompanuck will have lots of  homemade  delicious food.

And we’ll be celebrating the opening of  Mandy Meyer-Hill’s new healing arts center, Stairway Healing Arts, just upstairs from the Exhibit.  Mandy will be holding a  free Meditation Circle at 11am and 2pm in her new meditation room.

So come if you can, it’s also  Cambridge’s Holiday weekend.  On Friday night they’ll be a parade, a reading from The Night Before Christmas and a tree lighting.  On Saturday and Sunday there will be special events at the shops on Main Street and at Hubbard Hall.

I’ll keep you updated and post some of the nice places to stay in Cambridge.






2 thoughts on “Come to the Collective Arts Winter Gallery Dec 8th

  1. Maria your posting really touched my heart. I remember when we visited for the October 2011 gallery show and as we walked past your studio I felt such a positive/creative energy flow. Our home here is ready for the market, my retirement date in Feb fast approaches and I am hounding the real estate agent to find us a farm in Washington County. Everytime someone dares to say “but aren’t you two too old to move across county” we laugh like fiends. Your potholders are our talismans that so much awaits us. We dream of the farm that will be, the pictures Jim will take and the sheep whose wool I will spin. We can’t wait for the next adventure to begin. I know that your creative spirit will thrive in the new Schoolhouse Studio and that what flows from that spirit will bless us all


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