Last day at my Studio Barn

This is my last day at my studio barn. Tonight I can paint the ceiling of my new studio and when I leave today Ill bring what I need to make a batch of potholders.
When I got here I found myself going to those things that held the most emotion for me. First the window sill then the shallow shelves, that I continually rearranged and photographed, then the wall above my computer. The feathers,bones, rocks and shells went back to nature. Anything wood or paper (except the photos of Jon) I burned in the wood stove. New images for a new studio. I took the flowers that hung in the corner for five years and crumbled them up tossing them into the still cold air and watching them fall to the ground. Jon gave me when I got my first blog ,YesNo Quilts, I still have the vase they came in. I kept some of the knick knacks and threw some out.
My studio filled with smoke from incense I burned on top of the stove, Frieda sat by the fire and my heart swelled with gratitude. It’s as if for a moment everything in the space, including me,bathed in the same smoke was one. The tears came when I looked at the empty shelf and the chairs where Jon and I used to sit, where we got to know each other. Sad? Sure. But mostly grateful and ready to move on.


15 thoughts on “Last day at my Studio Barn

  1. Maria…I’m sure this has been a very emotional time for you and Jon, but wow….that is some studio you are moving to. Such character. Can’t wait to see you working (and dancing) there. Everything seems to be falling into place. All the best to both of you and all your critters.

  2. Thanks for sharing, for letting us in a little bit. I loved hearing of your choices to keep some, to burn some, to scatter some, to treasure some….to start anew. Blessings.

  3. Dear Maria, I read through this twice to give myself the time to absorb all the feeling that you’ve put into this which in turn just washes and washes over me. This milestone is beautifully detailed in your wonderful writing. You’ve also sent a lovely message here, which I know will help many others sharing such an experience. I have such respect and admiration for who you are today. You’re a true power of example for me.
    Kisses to Frieda,

  4. A poignant post, Maria. New beginnings always follow some kind of closure, and it is always a mixed blessing. I am glad you did some rituals to bid your space farewell.

  5. A truly sacred and nurturing space, Maria. I know your new studio will be even more special. Thank you for sharing this process with us, it is so healing.

  6. Maria,
    Thank you for sharing your life with all of us. You and Jon inspire me to tackle ‘projects’ here at home. We are putting in hardwood floors and are a mess. I can’t wait to see your new studio all set up and to hear that you’re back at your sewing. I’m afraid I’m not displaying the potholder I bought from you at the first art festival; I’m USING it and loving it!

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