School House Studio….Done.

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It’s done.  Jon and I painted the ceiling.  I cleaned the windows and washed the floor.  I was going to move some furniture in after dinner, but I’m too tired.  I’ll do it in the morning.   I have my sewing machine, fabric, batting, and thread, I’ll move in two tables one for sewing one for ironing, just enough to make some potholders.   With the help of some friends I’ll move the rest in on Sunday.

And now, I’m going to bed  (even though it’s only 8:00)

26 thoughts on “School House Studio….Done.

  1. Oh Maria, its beautiful! I had such a heavy heart after reading your post about your last day at your studio barn. I feel better now….sleep well and no doubt you’ll be making the most beautiful potholders ever!

  2. What a great create space! Im sure lots of wonderful things will be born there. My workroom is in the basement and I sure wish I had your windows and view! Enjoy!

  3. What a beautiful, gleaming room waiting for you and all your creativity – one can sense the promise it holds. All good wishes for you and your work in your new studio! (I love the shine on the ceiling that reflects the light!)

  4. Time to thank you for your Ejournal. It brings back memories of a much earlier time in my life when we lived in rural Texas sandwiched between a beef cattle ranch and the Sam Houston National Forest. We didn’t farm, just cats and dogs and daily commuting to university and museum but with 3 acres, an old barn and a huge vegetable garden and old shrub roses and ramblers. One day the gnarled, wiry Ranch owner leaned on the wire strand fence and asked “so what do you do?” my husband told him “I’m a librarian and Erika is a museum curator” the old man thought hard and then replied “that’s kinda easy ain’t it?”

    I have kept my promise to your husband not to email him any more–got on the wrong side during the period some years ago when he was in a bad place and I quacked some unneeded advice, but I read him with equal pleasure and I’m so deeply happy that you found each other.

    By the way, I had hip replacement surgery 6weeks ago and when I was still resting quite a bit I moved the cushion of yours into the bedroom where I could see it where I lay and sat. So far the three cats have respected my demand that they do not lean against it. It helps of course that it’s usual home is an old wooden Windsor armchair–not responsive to cats’ desire for comfort…

    My very best wishes to you both in your new life on new Bedlam. Erika W.

  5. Maria, your studio looks so warm and inviting with the wood panelling. It takes awhile to feel at home anywhere. I like to nest and I can see that nesting in your studio space would be a good thing. Reading how you and Jon are coping with your changes makes me feel more open and less apprehensive about myself. We’ve been very lucky to have lived here in the country for 24 years but I know changes will be needed when we can no longer manage as well physically. You’re both an inspiration with your outlooks on adjusting.
    SandyP in Canada

  6. Hi Maria,

    It’s beautiful, lucky you! I just love every picture of darling Frieda, she always sits so ladylike with her paws crossed and her goofy ears (like my dog has). Enjoy your new spaces! I can relate, I’ve just recently finished a 12 year long remodel of my 110 year old house, and did a lot of it myself. So now I’m sort of learning what it’s like to relax a little bit. Have a good weekend!


  7. Very nice ! So warm & inviting , looks like a wonderful place to be creative. I love all the wood , Ben did a wonderful job bringing it back to life. I wish you all the best in the new space , I bet your mind is whirling with new & amazing ideas.

  8. Dear Maria,
    I was reading Jon’s blog and when he said you were moving into your studio, I had to go to your blog and see what I could see. How fun to have a new studio and to finally be at the point when you can move into it and get everything as you like it it! Truly life begins when you can do your creations, though redoing your new farm and getting all the animals moved is so major!! Take care and just wanted you to know how happy I am for you and wishing you much happiness in your new creative space! love, jane

  9. It is a beautiful space and seems to have a great energy. Wishing you much inspired sewing and, as always, the best. Pat

  10. Bellisima!! How wonderful to have your own place – warm and cozy. Saw the first potholder on Jon’s blog. Love it! Is it spoken for? If not, I’d like to purchase it.


  11. Love your studio! I can only imagine how inviting it will be on a snowy day…like a sweet cocoon. Enjoy it and love it.

  12. Your new studio is so beautiful!! The wood glows. I love that Jon and Frieda helped, can hardly wait for Jon’s new book about Freida and you, even tho it will be another year. This is a blessed work space, it will be more blessed with you in it. Annie

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