Cleaning up Bean Heads for the Collective Arts Winter Gallery

BEan Heads Cambridge Ny Art Bedlam Farm
Bean Heads in Cambridge NY, The scene of our next Art Show

Nancy, Mandy and Lisa and I got together at Bean Heads this morning to clean it up.  The coffee shop closed in 2005 and has been empty since.  It was originally a Bank and has two giant safes in it, marble baseboards and beautiful woodwork.   Lots of atmosphere for our Collective Art Winter Gallery.

Mandy cleaning the shutters on the windows

We dusted and swept and vacuumed and polished and scrubbed and mopped till it was sparkling.

Lisa cleaning the kitchen, getting ready for her coffee and baked goodies

What a great group to work with.  Each of us fell into a task.  No one had to tell anyone else what to do.  No one stood around talking or discussing what should be done.  We all just picked up our cleaning tools and got to work.

Nancy volunteered to clean the bathroom, bless her.

Then, half way through, when we were all starting to wain, Lisa broke out her chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.  Mandy swears two of them make the perfect lunch.

Lisa and Mandy indulging in the cookies

The Collective Arts Winter Gallery will be Saturday December 8th from 10Am-5Pm.  Click here or go to my Events page for all the juicy details.

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