Moving In to my School House Studio

Jenna Wogenrich Cold Antler Farm, Mandy Stairway Healing Center, Nancy Bariluk Smith Spinning Glass Studio, School HOuse Studio, STuido BArn Bedlam Farm
Mandy, Nancy and Jenna

Mandy,(Stairway Healing Center)  Nancy (Spinning Glass Studio) and Jenna (Cold Antler Farm)  were good enough to get up early on a Sunday morning and help me and Jon  move my stuff from my Studio Barn into my new School House Studio.  It was really quite amazing, we had it all packed into our cars and Jenna truck in a half hour. These women don’t mess around.

Jenna's truck, Cold Antler Farm   The holder for my bird feeder was sticking out of Jenna’s truck so I grabbed a piece of fabric out of one of my boxes to tie to the end of it.  I got some comments about it being girly, that only made me wish it was pink instead of blue.

They helped unload the boxes  and furniture (I had to leave my desk behind, it wouldn’t fit through the door) just as quick.  I was a truly overwhelmed when they left trying to figure out how it would all fit.   My new studio, just like our new house, is smaller than the old.   So when everyone left (no one stayed for tea, sensing that I needed to get to work, sweet women that they are) I started putting things on shelves.  No more cardboard boxes (well maybe a just a couple for overflow).  I thew a lot out too.  I was surprised how much of the boxes were filled with unusable scraps.    This is what my studio looked like at the end of the day.  I’m not quite there yet, and I have to find a replacement for my desk, but I got pretty close to done.  I think it will be easy finishing it off tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “Moving In to my School House Studio

  1. What a wonderful warm space with the shiny wood floors and wood walls. It seems bright too! It must be exciting to start again in a new studio, and satisfying to get everything organized.

    What new creative urges will you get here, I wonder?! Slow Down seemed like a good way to start.

    Since you and Jon are both so creative and intuitive, I wondered if you had any signs or feelings of Florence watching you in her longtime home?

  2. Impressive work by impressive women. Sorry your desk didn’t make it, just means a better one is waiting for you.

  3. Wow! You worked so hard today Maria! I imagine it feels great! Pleased to have played a role in helping you settled. Congratulations! Blessings on you, Jon, your new home together, and your School House Studio.

  4. I am watching from afar! It is reassuring to see your stacks of materials, as I am not the only one whose studio looks like an annex of Joanne’s! Looks like you will be up and sewing very soon! I am enjoying Jon’s blog and his philosophies re storm behavior. I think we are ready to put our feet up and ride it out now! I am praying that my family is sensible and will come in out of the rain and wind! They all get excited to see what is happening, a bit too much for my liking!! We are nervous after what happened to Vermont with Irene!! Take care! Again, congratulations on your move!! love, jane

  5. You’ve already made the space your own, Maria. I wish you a lifetime of happy years there. The best is yet to come.

  6. What a great group of ladies , women get the job done without strategy & blueprints ! Sorry the old desk had to be left behind , I once had to do the same & it took me a long time before I was comfortable sewing at a new one. With a great carpenter as Ben around , an old door would make a great desk & I bet he could make it something very special. Your studio looks so warm & inviting , and it seems to be a very creative place as well. Congrats & stay safe with this crazy weather.

  7. Whew! Moving is such an exhausting job. But the exhilaration and joy at a new start is so worth it. And made so much better by support from good friends. Wishing you sweet creative success in your new sacred space, Maria. Your new studio looks so charming and inviting.

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