The Wind is Blowing….

My New Desk a gift from our new neighbor Jack

The wind is blowing, the rain is falling, the bath tub is full and the animals are snuggled in the barn.   I’m trying to blog one last time before we lose power. Everyone seems to think it’s inevitable,  we’ll see what happens.

When I got home from cleaning Bean Heads Jon said he had a surprise in my studio.  Our new neighbor Jack (Jack is Kim’s husband, Kim who sews my potholders) had read my blog and dropped off this old maple desk he had and wasn’t using.

It’s perfect!  Just what I needed and it’s pretty too.  Thanks Jack.  One of the good men.

7 thoughts on “The Wind is Blowing….

  1. Gorgeous – and looks like it was “destined” to go along with all that beautiful wood in your new studio! : )

  2. Beautiful ! And lots of storage for all the little things you need at hand.

    Hope your night goes well , just snuggle up near that fire & enjoy an evening of nothingness with Jon. You have both worked hard getting settled. You deserve a snuggle nite !

    Stay warm , stay safe.

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